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We can assist with debt recovery, contract and property disputes, leasing disputes, and consumer law.
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There are many areas of business law that are common to business enterprises irrespective of whether your business is incorporated or not, whether owner-operated or a more substantial organisation.

Laws of contract, employment, industrial relations, workers compensation, negligence, taxation, trade practices and fair trading must all be considered by the astute business owner or operator in the day to day running of a modern business.

At Our Lawyers we can help you by providing sound advice with the setting up and running of your business and in dealing with the wide variety of legal issues that may arise as your business develops.

We can assist you through all stages of your business, from explaining the ‘fine print’ in legal documents, to the benefits of changing business structures as your business develops so as to be more tax advantageous or to provide better asset protection and to assist you in litigation if your business ever experiences complications.

Our Lawyers can also assist you with your commercial disputes. Unfortunately, if you’re in business long enough disputes will arise to varying degrees. Some disputes will be able to be resolved easily and others may have the potential to jeopardise the survival of your business.

It is always a priority at Our Lawyers to quickly identify the best options available to our clients based on their circumstances, whilst also advising of the costs and risks associated, so that our clients are in a position to make an informed decision about how they wish to proceed.

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